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Mountain Prints - Chamonix

This body of work was created after winning the Lynn Chadwick Trust travel award, having chosen to study Chamonix and Switzerland, spending time exploring the French Alps and the mountainscapes of the surrounding area. On return from the week long excursion, a body of work spanning 12 months, began to take shape in the form of multiple Etchings, Gum Arabic prints, Lino and Woodcut prints. Showcased in 'Encounter', a group exhibition, alongside 3D work Water of the Alps in 2016 and showcased in it's entirety (13 prints in total with Water of the Alps) for the Degree show held at Hardwick Gallery, later that year. 

Working with the ways in which a place and art can be experienced, this project was created to bring the place and my experiences of Chamonix to an audience. Displayed across an entire gallery wall, the works were showcased at various heights to convey the sheer height of the Alps and the beauty of looking down to view the delicate alpine flora and fauna.

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